Just a reminder…ACAB

The idea that innocent people don’t run, that innocent people don’t ask for a lawyer…that is literally law enforcement propaganda. It’s something that is a part of every cop show. And it’s utter garbage.

When the system is designed to mistreat you. When it is designed to hobble you. What choice is there? You can run or face charges which you can’t adequately defend yourself from. And whose going to help you? The court appointed attorney? They have no vested interest in helping you. They are paid and supported by the same system that is designed for repression. Sure, some of the new ones will try. But they don’t know enough to be useful.

And even so, their defense is better than nothing. The cops are allowed to lie. Allowed to present false evidence. Allowed to intimidate and isolate. All to elicit a confession.

Ask for a lawyer then stop talking. The police cannot make deals. Only the DA can. The poloce can only check a box saying you cooperated. It is a worthless gesture. Once you are arrested you have no percentage in talking with the police.

Hell, even if you are just being questioned…ask for a lawyer. Or walk out if they aren’t going to arrest you and you can’t afford a lawyer.

I can’t even watch any flavor of cop show anymore. Knowing what I know. I get triggered into writing something like this.

I guess, fuck it. It’s Tuesday

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