Waking up without waking

Overthinking they say
But is that really a thing
Sometimes grinding away at the same thought
I think I’m trapped in a loop of it
But really it’s not overthinking
It’s my brain
Feeding me
Equal parts intuition and lies
They mix together into a slurry of the possible
Always painting everything with a tattered grey patina
It’s not overthinking
It’s a brain on fast forward looking for patterns from nothing
Our brains instinct to create patterns
Easy to lie to yourself when you don’t have any puzzle pieces
Like that’s the problem
Like analyzing a situation is the problem
Like knowing how you will act or plan to act is the problem
When really it is only when that paralyzes you into inaction
That there is an issue
Only when you embrace the false narrative which you can’t possibly know without outside corroboration
Can you truly be harmed
But it’s oh so simple to fall into that trap
Bad habits reinforcing bad patterns

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