Iconography in the modern world

How a person dies is almost irrelevant. What do I mean?
Well, we see or read that someone died doing something selfless or heroic and we want to hold them up as a hero. Because iconic single acts of heroism are easy. It is an easy message to to get behind. An easy sell to the public.

Hero. That’s what is said. But…we aren’t built for heroes. We tear them down as we build them. They don’t as individuals perfectly embody your personal ideals. So they must be evil. If they aren’t heroes they are villains. Right? That’s how this works.

So instead of someone who did a good act, we have a false pedestal. And we do evil by destroying that person because we can’t abide anyone on that pedestal who isn’t an ideal of perfection which cannot exist.

We need to change. To instead view the act as the good, not the person. To idealize the act of doing good things, silent, without recognition. That will make us all heroic. And make heroism irrelevant.

It would normalize the beauty of kindness. And that would change our world.

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