That moment before the tuning fork stops

We do a lot of things to make sure we aren’t left in silence
Silence which fills us
Or leaves us stranded in echos
We watch TV or Twitch
We listen to music, but shy away from the sounds which will evoke emotions
We play games
We work
Anything and everything to fall asleep exhausted
Another day passed by
Not thinking
Sometimes the frenzy is a good thing
Keeping us from repeating bad choices
But still
That silence cannot be run from forever
And we find ourselves trapped by memories
Or lies our brains tell us
Or what society wants from us
The silence is not the enemy
It’s just the space where we get the time to just be
And all that else comes crashing down and drowns us
Because we dam it away
Hold it outside of ourselves
Until handling it becomes drowning in a sea of discordancy
So we run
We run and hide
It’s why writers and poets drink
Because we are the sanity impaired who seek out the quiet
It’s the only place we get a chance to see
And eventually we walk in less water
And eventually we sit at low ebb
And we lament not drowning, because we installed a safety valve
But we remember
We see
We know that quiet
The best of us are guides
The rest refugees
But still,
Take a moment with your silence
It only wants you to see
If only some things could not be unseen

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