All tomorrow’s become yesterday’s

It’s a new year
That’s what they say
A new year
Like the past is a slate wiped clean and what happened before can stop
Like the echoes that propel me forward have somehow lost momentum and I can just breathe for a second
A new year
What is that?
I remember a new year which I rang in party till dawn slightly tipsy remembered truths still wet on my lips
The year I started coming out
That night telling friends of friends and drinking and in the morning walking to my car and feeling that lightness of burdens dropped
A new year
Moments of perfect silence and perfect crystalline being that coincide with the calendars ending
A new year
Walking into the future as if each day weren’t a lifetime
As if each minute we choose not to speak, not to act, not to be weren’t themselves lifetimes drawn out as the moment glides past
As if yesterday wasn’t the future that I’m now living as if tomorrow weren’t the next beginning
A new year
Party if you wish and dance with yourself and bedamned to whether they are watching or not
Or snuggle in and hold them tight
Kiss softly, breathe deeply, love kindly
A new year

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