Nightmares are also dreams Part 22-interlude

Actionable intel has a short shelf life. The raid group is set up in the surrounding area outside one of the Circles primary collection points. It’s a long haul truck stop. It’s both the first stop on the road to hell and a step deeper into misery.

That the snatch team has been missing for a few hours now and it can be expected that the news of this has begun to filter out through the network makes this a potentially dangerous situation.

The forward team scurries from truck to truck checking each against our manifest. No truck will be leaving unsearched but these specific ones have been identified as either belonging to a circle member or to one of their customers.

The radio squawks twice indicating all teams are go.

The men and women in black tactical gear stream to their predetermined positions. The sound of cloth against cloth nearly eclipsed by the soft wind.

The entry team tosses a flashbang in through the door and wait 3 seconds to enter. The flash of light serves as the signal for the team’s to lock down the trucks and the primary team enters the truck stop. Presumably some of these people are innocent but the operations order calls for the remediation of any hostile actions to be dealt with harshly.

The soft sounds of hushed gunfire and muzzle flash indicates some have chosen to fight.

The trucks are taken without incident. Two victims recovered and two hostile silenced.

The persons in the stop are taken into custody and their identities are confirmed. We match driver to truck then search each truck with each driver. We find for are being used for trafficking and take the drivers and helpers into custody.

The victims we take to the protected zone and ship for treatment and rehabilitation.

We search the other trucks and find evidence that two were there for Trans-shipments. Those drivers are taken in as well. The rest are let go after the teams exfil.

All told 3 hostiles dead, 100 victims recovered, and the next link in the chain uncovered. The management of the truck shop has been identified and we will be visiting them soon. For the rest we have their ledgers and computers.

—End report

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