Presentation vs self

There is nothing so insidious, so violently wrong, as a person who acts in negative polar opposition to the persona they show in public.

The gregarious kindly man who in private is cold and manipulative. The polite and sincere person who beats their spouse. The person who presents piety and faith but privately builds power and influence to the furtherance of individual goals.

I’m not a perfect man. I have a hidden side. We all do. But if the facade is a conscious manipulation to conceal ones true self, because that true self is destruction, then that is incorrect action.

Concealment of the core self is a coping mechanism for a cruel world. But this is turned on its head, concealment of the core self because the core self is cruel and at a level of selfish cruelty that society would not accept.

Our society describes this as a narcissist or a psychopath. As if labeling it makes it controllable. As if labeling it, makes it treatable. On some level, yes, if caught early enough, systems of thought can be implemented that set up what is and is not allowed by the person in such a way that their mask becomes integral to who they are. But doing so is precarious and not without risk. The risk being the backlash should the mask be ripped away.

At the end of the day, such people are corruption. They subvert people, systems, societies. All to aggrandize their self. They pull you in with beautiful lies then twist until you are slipping away.

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