A fish forgets to grow gills

Born into a moment of without you
I’m shook awake by my own fears
Last remnant voices of who I used to be
Rounding up to a calculation of you and me
You’re drowning and reach down
To find stable hands that drag you down to that dark safe place
Where death and life are just fictions we tell ourselves
Where dreams and memories war for attention
And meanwhile I sit at the surface
Looking down into watery depths, hand extended,
You’re such a good person they say
You are light and beautiful and all I could ever want
And I want you to know the happiness I feel

And I watch you sink deeper into the depths crying from the lack of light
My hands extended
I’m not some person trying to create a better world for all mankind
I’m only looking to save you
Take my hand
Pull me up
…I’m drowning

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