Thoughts on sex and love

Sex can make you feel wanted, make you feel desired. It can bring pleasure and pain. It can make you feel something when you are consumed by nothingness.

But it’s empty. If they are gone in the morning. If there is no connection beyond the physical. If physical compatibility is all you have, then you really have nothing.

There has to be more. I know, from a cismale that’s blasphemy. Believe me, that standard fucks with our brains more than you know. The thought that sex is supposed to be the goal. It’s really unhealthy and it’s pervasive. And it’s false.

I have never felt so empty than after a ‘fun’ and meaningless hookup. Doesn’t matter if it was vanilla or something more. Empty. If it was BDSM, at least there’s aftercare. But it’s not enough.

I want breakfast and discussions. And shared time and laughter. Sex should draw us together. Make us more connected. Not obliterate connection.

My days of pointless wandering are over. I was only ever trying to fill the empty well of her passing. And, as I wake now, seemingly too late. I realize all that drowning in physical pleasure was just a mask for the deep pain of loss.

I seek better. I hope for better. But I fear that I have been lost for too long. That those who would accept me, are no longer available to me. They’ve found their lives and loves. Or stand broken, and unwilling to take a chance on someone who was broken too.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on sex and love

  1. True that.
    I loved each and every thought of yours on sex. Be it vanilla or bdsm there should be love. And just being physical with someone is not love.

    I can’t really attract girls if they are not intelligent. I can think about sex when I feel intelligence in a girl.
    I can’t go for just looks and outer beauty. I want things which are consumed with knowledge.

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  2. One night thing just make me feel bad…so I get what you’re saying. I’m happy single. But I understand what you’re looking for is hard to find. I wish you luck

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      • i feel bad because they are weird for me. I don’t open up easy, so with a stranger I don’t enjoy it. but I still don’t want a relationship that’s full on. a regular fuck buddy is fine for me

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        • Ah, I am enlightened(yes, I talk like that). I’ve always found that fuck buddies always lead to hurt. Because on one side or the other real feelings begin to develop. And when those feelings aren’t returned (just fuck buddies), it crashes the relationship. But, if it works for you, then more power to you.


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