Methods of a memory

There is comfort in the everyday
In the routine
If you make yourself aware of the process
If you accept this moment
There is comfort in the whip
In the highs and lows
Mindful isn’t a buzz word
Being fully in the moment makes any moment worth the time spent
My goals are comfort and joy and love.
So when I top, my goals are to get you where you need to be to join me, by my side
Never in front or behind
My partner, my equal
My submissive
Two sides of the same coin

3 thoughts on “Methods of a memory

  1. I sometimes find these two sides of myself. Some days I want someone to make the decisions and choices. Other days I want the control. I don’t know how to be happy with not having the other side of myself in my life. Maybe I will only find happiness when I can be both, Miss and babygirl in a relationship. Having a partner tie me up, and have their ways with me. Times where I have my ways with them. Having the control. I don’t know, hehe *shyly smiles*.


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