April is Poetry Month

Otherwise known as my annual foray into hell to have a foot race with Orpheus. You know, just to see the look on his face.

But seriously, Poetry Month is when I write an enormous amount of poetry. Last year it was 3 poems a day plus I was posting my audio novel Split Sky.

This year I’m trying to write a novel in the Split Sky universe, plus the episodic Valentine’s Day, along with normal posts. And I’m working on a tabletop role-playing campaign set in the Split Sky universe. (my players don’t know that, they think it is a normal published version of another world.)

I’m busy is what I’m saying. So what am I doing for Poetry month you ask?

Why, writing FOUR poems per day, of course. Because I’m a masochist and a poet first. Plus I find this exercise is beneficial. It had helped me to observe and see inspiration in anything. From turns of phrase to visual quirks to the way a name is said. All of it becomes my muse.

And its perfect timing really. I’m not in a romantic relationship with anyone right now. Or rather I love many people, but I’m not with any of them because the universe sucks. So, instead of being happy, I can pull from the deepest wells of heartbreak and sadness as well as joy.

Sob, weep for me.
But seriously, Poetry Month. This will be fun. Or horrible. Probably both, if I’m being honest.

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