In my ire

I am not a creature of lightness. I merely know the dark well enough to see the gradients of gray. There are rules and lines that should not, must not be crossed. I am a creature Caged by rules. I am passionate and caring but make not the mistake that this makes me soft, weak, or unwilling.

I say all this to make this point: My friends and loves enjoy my protection. I’m not suited to bodyguard work, but it would be a mistake to think them not protected.

I don’t say this to be intimidating or to act the big man. I say it to be honest and to make my friends and people know that I am here. I say this because, if a truth is to be a deterrent to bad actors, it must be known.

My love does not need my help. She’s amazingly capable on her own. This is more for my people. The ones I say Friend to.

I probably should not post this. But my rage is only controlled by action. And I need to be rid of this cold calculation.

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