Obsidian mirror

I read, often, about the light that shines in the darkness. I don’t think I am such a light. Nor do I think I would want to be. There are plenty of people who blaze with light pushing back the darkness. No, I think such is not for me. Dealing with loss and pain, death, murder, and all the petty tyrannys of life in the vast depersonalization of modern society.

No, not for me to kindle light and eradicate darkness. Rather to take the darkness in. To become friends with it, lovers. To shine, but only reflecting back the light. That others may see themselves as I see them.

I will take the darkness. Make this my home. There is beauty here. Beauty in pain, in dark things done in dark places. You need not fit into the normal world, shining light for those afraid of the darkness. But show a obsidian mirror, showing the light they have already. Showing that they need not look to another to blaze the trail, instead that they themselves are the path.

Perhaps, I may shine, but in darker spectrum, for those to whom the light is not refuge but restraint. There are deeper paths, darker paths and often light is a hindrance more than a help.

8 thoughts on “Obsidian mirror

  1. Respectfully, this is pain talking. It’s beautifully elucidated, and even valid in some ways as it pertains to dealing with others who struggle, but ultimately it echoes with justification. To me. This may be your path in this lifetime, I can’t know that, but ultimately there must be balance, so if not now, it will still come.
    Love and peace to you, brother. 💞

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    • I would say that the darkness shines with a light of its own. That darkness itself is not pain, nor is it something to be feared. Yes. There is balance. But on choice, I would choose to be darkness rather than light. The world accepts light. Loves light. Darkness has a harder path. But when I consider, would I be a light in dark places? Chasing away darkness or would I embrace the darkness. Walk it’s paths. Know it’s lines. Walk unafraid because it is mine. Or should I shiver, struggling to light matches for some semblance of the light. Darkness is not evil, it is not pain. Certainly, those things may be found there. But so can they be found in the light. Rather I see this as a different path.

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