There’s No Such Thing as Normal When it Comes to Sex

The Ochre Muse

In the Fifties, Alfred Kinsey found out that sexual orientation couldn’t be measured in binary and 15 to 22% of people responded to sadomasochistic erotica. There was no such thing as normal when it came to sex.

Masters and Johnson lifted a similar veil: Not all couples could have orgasms through a vanilla filter. Maybe the libertines were not as odd as we imagined. Maybe there was no normal when it came to sex. Finally we arrived at a new, evolved world view.

Or maybe not. Their organisation frantically backpedalled on all that evolution by trying to “cure” homosexuality. Why do we always have to devolve over the idea that there’s a normal way to have sex?

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Ducks are feathered versions of the Marquis de Sade, and they have spiral tentacle-penises that lock into the female so she can’t escape. Honey bees leave their snapped-off dicks inside their…

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