Pax West formerly Pax Prime

In one months time, I will be in Downtown Seattle for PAX. It’s a gamers convention. One I have, in the past, thoroughly enjoyed. I go now because if I don’t, I will lament it. Though it is a culture I feel increasingly out of place in. I just don’t play many games anymore. As the demands on my time, with writing and relationships and work, have increased. My times spent playing games decreased. It’s not that I enjoy them any less, merely that I don’t immediately turn to them as my entertainment outlet. If my friend were not going, I would not go on my own.

I think as the years have worn on the distinct flavor of this convention as inclusive has worn away. Much of the unique aspects have fallen away, leaving a soulless corporate shell. Since the originators have stepped further and further back from the organizing of the event, so too has many of the personal touches gone away. It runs efficiently now but much of the character is missing. I may spend more time in the local Rum bar than at the convention.

If anyone lives in or will be in the Seattle area and wants to meet up or hang out, drop me a line at

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