Was blocked on Twitter. But no words were said.  I’m terrible at taking hints.  I’m hoping your mad or its a mistake. Or something even less likely.  Please talk to me. Tell me what is going on. 

4 thoughts on “Hints

  1. Clicking “like” feels backwards.
    I don’t like this.

    Abandonment without communication and closure is a would that still runs deep for me, and it’s the coward’s way out. This sparks anger in my heart to see you treated this way. I hope it’s a misunderstanding, but I’d be weary (cautious and suspicious to the 9th degree) about placing trust there again. Silently running away reveals a character flaw that I’m not apt to get over. (says the girl who went back too many times)

    I’m hugging your heart. ğŸ’žğŸ˜”

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    • Yeah, ‘like’ is a hard one. But, miscommunications/missteps happen. I hope it’s just that. I don’t do cautious. I love with my whole being. Suspicion neither, if it gets to the point where it is betrayal then with regret I will disengage but I refuse to allow suspicion and doubt to insinuate and destroy.

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