My fetish

It occurs to me that I’ve never stated my fetish. Yes, I’ve said I’m a BDSM Switch weighted towards Top. But to me that’s like saying I’m Pansexual. It’s just a fact, a part of who I am on a fundamental level. Now, most kinky things, they are just part of the landscape. Albeit a more interesting one than vanilla values. Tying up or being tied up is just interesting if you get me. The more complex the better to my way of thinking in general.

My fetish however? It’s simple. I get off on the pleasure of my partner. Not in a ‘let’s everyone have a good time’ way, but in that I require their pleasure for my own. I like going down on women for that reason alone, along with the shear physicality of it. I study anatomy and psychology to further my options. I have spent many times with partners going down for a few hours. I recommend strapons with me because I’m nearly guaranteed to orgasm multiple times while going down and I want my partner to have more pleasure than I can physically provide. As fetish’s go, I think its a good thing for all parties.

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