The term ‘Bae’

I don’t understand it. I get that it’s an acronym, but it’s used in ways that what it supposedly stands for is inaccurate. Supposedly stands for “before anyone else” or as a illiterate misspelling of baby. But the term seems to be used in contexts where it means “Beautiful as ever or everything”. As in he/she/it is so bae.

If it means the former, then I can only shrug my shoulders and say try to use a more meaningful term when describing those who are attractive or you have an emotional attachment to. Breathe costs nothing, and the right words at the right time could mean everything.

If it means the latter, then I take issue. Beautiful is not a term that should be used in every context to describe merely liking something. Beautiful means that this person/experience/thing has struck a resonating counterpoint in your soul, deep in your mind, in your heart. To reduce this to a acronym that is contextually used for like is blasphemy.

Or maybe it is used to describe beautiful but it feels like a cop-out. That by substituting a nonsense phrase you pull the teeth from the word instead of basking in the full words emotional context.

Each word has weight, has spin, has emotional context. To ignore that for cute, for simplicity, for expediency, is a foolish corruption of language. Perhaps this is an English speakers conceit. After all, this is a language that routinely mugs other languages and goes through their pockets for loose verbs.

As such it is always growing, evolving, changing. It has no set rules that are consistent. And as such we must be careful with how we manipulate the language. Maybe this is a rant only a poet or writer would care about. All I know is it was something I felt compelled to write at Three AM.

6 thoughts on “The term ‘Bae’

        • I don’t find it so much annoying as I see it in a larger social context where the proponents of this word seem to desire the weaker, less connected versions of the words and thus emotional subtext. This preference feeds into larger issues as a generation is raised with a watered down version of language. Change the course of language and you can steer a people.

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          • That speaks it in the entirety. The perspective matters here. It isn’t always, that words that value more, are used in lower contexts. Only, it’s repeated and undesired use is what annoys. More than an irritant, it serves as a display of what our future beholds, not in other matters like technology, but I talk about the linguistic culture.

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