Pax prime wake-up

I just woke up and am about to get ready for PAX. I’m going to the keynote where I’ll get to be one of the oldest people there. Further, I am feeling social anxiety on a few fronts.

I’m here in Seattle with some friends and I truly enjoy their company but they have a kid now. So, obviously, their lives will revolve around this. I don’t particularly like kids, I tolerate them would be a good assessment.

Plus there are going to be tons of people in town. 100k plus attendees. That sea of humanity does nothing for me. At least nothing good. I also damaged my hip, simple inflammation but Pax is a walking convention. You can easily do 10 miles in a day. So that’s super fun.

I am also questioning my place here. Am I so interested in gaming culture that it necessitates a convention? Perhaps if I had someone to go with, a companion, that would bring back relevancy. But, alas, relationships in those areas fell through.

So, here I’ll be. Alone in a sea of humanity.
If you see me, feel free to say hi or have a conversation. I’m open even if I don’t look it. I’ll be the tall, long haired guy with the falcon northwest backpack dressed like I’m going to a funeral. All in black.

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