Cubicle 1

The first day I saw Michael he looked at me  across the cubicles, green eyes sparking heat, black hair curling at the tips framing sharp cut glass cheekbones and soft full lips. I think my eyes lingered a bit too long and he walked over, invitation given but not consciously intended.

He spoke in a soft rasp, bedroom voice thrust full into the daylight, all the more attractive for it being out of place. “Do you always stare at the new hires?”
I froze, temporarily unable to speak.  My mind consumed  with the flash of his lips on mine.

I stammered “Sor..Sorry?”

He replied wryly, “Are you not sure you should apologize or not sure what you’re apologizing for?”


“How about this, I’ll come back when you’re less flustered and we’ll start over.”

He turned and walked away, smooth like silk on skin. Strutting out causing the muscles in his ass to clench and pulse.

I muttered under my breath, “Small chance of that.”

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