Slip the leash

I am pains’ pleasure and loves demise
A heart full of longing
Engorged, enraptured by carnality

Each night a new twist, a new flick, a new chain
Buried in it, burning in it

Knowing it diminishes me
Holding out, saying no
Until the only answer is yes

Yes, fill me with your scent, musk and sweat, sandalwood and smoke
Yes, drown me in skin, hands and lips, tongue, seeking, hot, wet and unerring
Yes, flick the lash, bind me tight
Let the burn of aching dissolve the ache
Submit to me our submission
Little is forbidden and limits are for the weak
Until I’m drifting, we’re drifting

Until release but no relief
Just a dull emptiness
I’m gone, you’re gone by morning
And I’m still empty
Not tonight, not again
The lies we tell ourselves.

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