I hate the feeling of anyone having power over me. Its why, for years, I’ve chosen relationships that were doomed.

Ones which were shallow, which were physical only, or were based on the premise of having one foot out the door. But I’m there now, because I responded to a friend request on facebook.

I accepted the request and responded with snark. I didn’t expect a response. It’s Facebook, I mostly play games on it. I just accept requests if they seem to come from actual people.
But she did respond, and we talked a bit, and I asked her out. It went well. It continues to go well. I think we’re doing good.

And now I’m happy and a bit scared. I don’t know if she reads this blog. I did point her to it. It’s not a secret. My rule has been from the start if it scares me, it plays. And by the gods, this scares me.

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