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You ever want a minute of quiet.  A moment of stillness,  everything fading to a background hum.  Then falling away until even that is silent.  To just be for a while.  Without ambition, need or desire.  I experienced that once.  I was a year out of high school,  it was autumn.  I was walking down the street away from a class I was skipping to catch a bus.  It was what I call a stolen day.  You tell no one.  Any obligation,  you walk away from.  For one day you persue a journey.  Without a net.  No means of contacting anyone.  I used to do that alot.  And this particular day was like those.  But as I walked,  a breeze flowed by.  Soft, tentative like your first kiss.  And I looked up,  shifting wisp thin clouds skimming across the sky,  the sun pouring down warmth.  The world slowed, then stopped.  A perfect crystalline moment,  it stretched, then was gone.  Not a snapping back,  but as if it had never been. 

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