A mediocre idea continued

USA: 60 minutes
How odd to regard an ex mental patient as a Savior.  Even stranger to be that patient.  All my life I heard whispers, glimpses of the world beneath this one.  The whispers told me what I always knew, I was something more.  It’s what we all want to hear,  and I made my first mistake. I told someone.  First my parents, then my shrink.  The drugs helped.  I stopped hearing the voices so loudly.  But a steady whisper, different from the others remained.  It spoke to me of how to convince them that I was normal.  How to conform in six easy steps . It worked for awhile, just another happy kid in suburban hell. 

Swamped by reporters

I wish you people would just leave me alone.  The squirrels in my tree chattered less than you. 
If you’re not going to let me get back to my nap,  then at least point me to the nearest pub.

New Jerusalem:

“I’m Rebecca Gomez,  reporting live from Wall that encircles New Jerusalem.  Since the invasion of the Unknown ships  was defeated this wall has cut off all of contact between the so-called Knights of the Temple and the outside world. 
Leaving us to wonder what these, perhaps misnamed, heroes are hiding. 
Back to you Jeff. “

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