Valentine’s day 9

The sound of water hitting tile and flesh rolls out through the open bathroom door.

I stand in the walk-in closet, the faint smells of summer air and cedar serve a fine counterpoint to the giggles coming from the shower. The smile grows of its own volition, a thief stealing my heart. It’s these moments when they aren’t paying me the least bit of attention, when I know that they are happy that moves me. A pawn to their desires.

I’m the Master but they control me as thoroughly as I control them.

“Never more than their needs or desires. Never farther than they can go. Always with care. Always with love.”

This litany rings in my mind. It’s something I repeat to myself every day. Because rituals aren’t just for them.

I look at my options. I think the blue pinstripes for Sara, soft silk shirt, Italian wool pants. Hmm… Heels or Flats?
Heels. That will let her match heights with Tara. The crimson with the little bells, I think.

Sara will like the reminder to this morning. She may even blush. After all this time, she still does. It is blindingly cute.

Tara…I think the soft cream dress with the softly pink hyacinths on it. I have these tailored to give pockets. And to swing correctly if they have items in them or not.

Initially this was so that Tara could have the switchblade on her person without looking through a purse. A nice little blade but she’s been working with Jen. Now she has thigh sheaths and a wrist sheath when it’s cold enough for a jacket. Deadly with a blade is my Tara. I couldn’t be more proud.

Sara insists on wearing her Glock 10mm. So her outfits always include a jacket. She hates thigh holsters and I can’t really blame her. She does these wrist exercises to let her fire that gun. Always the overachiever, is my Sara.

I think the white patent leather sandal for Tara. It will contrast nicely with the heels.

I gather my choices and lay them out bottoms to top in ascending order.

I have the girls, I know they are women but they are my girls. I have the girls pick out their own underwear. I know Sara thinks that I am reluctant to do so, but I just prefer them to have their own choices. And these choices help me to know where their mind is at. I must use every tool available to keep up with them. So worth it though.

I don’t think I could be any happier.

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