Valentine’s Day 8

Sara uncuffs our pet from the saw horse and rubs her wrists to make sure there is no circulation problems there. The dildo comes out with a wet slurp.

Tara sighs her disappointment but brightens when she is given the dildo to suck clean. Such a greedy little pig, our Tara.
My wife leads Tara to the bedroom by the hand. Tara is still a bit lost in the float and is sucking every bit off the latex. Such a good girl.

I watch my loves walk to the bedroom. I could watch them forever.

But…time for something delayed.

Tara lays curled, sleeping, on her side of the orgy sized bed. We had to special order it but it is very useful. We generally sleep in the middle but sometimes we want a bit more room.

I have not given my Sara the attention she deserves. Not that she’s complaining. I think that the bells were a hit. But, I like to start the day a certain way and in service to our pet we’ve deviated from that.

I kneel before Sara’s side of the bed. She scoots across the silk. Sitting with legs parted and arms behind her arching her back. On some days, I’ll cuff her ankles to opposite legs of the bed. Today I want her free.

Her soft skin glows with an inner light or perhaps merely our desire for each other. I plant kisses and nibbles along her right inner thigh. Stopping to look into her eyes, seeing her looking at me, intent, on what I do. I press my teeth into her, mouth closing around her. Tasting the sweetness of her rose. Running my tongue as if discovering the pleasure of her for the first time. Finding each gasp and pulling each sound from her. I nuzzle against her. My lips capturing and holding. I scrape teeth against her, flicking tip of tongue against my captive. I love this. Giving her pleasure without cease. Watching her shudder with small earthquakes, pleasure tightening and bursting out of her. Seeing her face lose control, wracked in the edge as pleasure becomes too much and edges along pain.

“Second position,” I order.

Sara instantly moves. She lays on her back, legs spread, her knees bent and her feet, sole down against the mattress.

Tara is awake and watching us. I nod my permission. She straddles Sara. Kissing her. Stroking her. And I have the sweet honey and spicy earth of my two loves. A break fast worthy of any price.

I move my fingers into my girls. Caressing and probing, fingers blossoming like petals. Seeking a quiver or gasp. Learning everything anew. Noting each slight shift. Tasting and biting.

Now the day can truly begin.

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