Valentine’s day 5

Her hand rests on the small of my back. I feel the warmth radiating from her and hear the soft tinkling of bells. I look away from the omelet on the stove and take in the curvature of Sara. Mountains and valleys adorned with steel clothespins from which hang little one ounce weights in the form of silver bells. They adorn her tits and pussy, and any place skin could be pinched up to accommodate. She is no stick my Sara. There are 20 bells, all tinkling away in A minor. Each small shift sounds a cascade.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tara crawl out of the bedroom. She is wearing her foxtail plug and fox ears. And nothing else. My pet. She crawls, her hips swaying, tail wagging. Her full eyes begging, please.

I flip the omelet and take the burner down to low. Tara rubs her body against my leg, like a cat begging for attention. I pull aside the apron and present my aching throbbing cock. Denial and delay is difficult for all of us.

Tara’s eyes and mouth pout. Eager, she runs her cheek against my thigh. Running her nose and face against me, begging for permission. The feel of her against me is too much and the smallest pearl of precum escapes my control.

My voice deep with need, “You may.” I give permission to us both.

Her wet tongue trails a line up the skin of my balls, up the vein under my cock. Her mouth closes over me. The wet warmth, her tongue working around my head.

The bells crash and I feel a warm intruder in my anus. The tongue of Sara flicking in and out, its too much and I explode down Tara’s throat. Hot seed pumping down her throat. Drinking her breakfast. I wilt but her mouth keeps sucking, licking, waking my erection to its full glory.

“Sara, serve the omelet.” I order.
Her tongue withdraws and I take a deep breath, control reasserting itself.

I shuffle over to the center island. Tara moving backwards, her mouth never leaving my cock.

Perfectly portioned on 2 plates, the bell pepper, cheddar omelet and carafe of coffee sits. Small mugs and silverware set perfectly.

“eat” I command. Sara tucks into her omelet and Tara sucks harder, pressing and swirling her tongue. Both my girls, enjoying their breakfast.

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