Valentine’s day 4

I spend seconds breathing in the warmth of my Morrigan, my Sara. The feel of her legs wrapped around my waist, the heat of her pulsing into me, tempting me.

I close my eyes and take a breath, then another, deep, feeling the muscles strain, pulling more air until the smell of her saturates me.

Holding the breath for three heartbeats then I push it out. Not breathing. One heartbeat, two, three, four heartbeats, inhale.

I reach into one of the toy drawers we have scattered throughout the house. This one prepped with something special.

I place a slotted metal tray next to us. I watch as her eyes light with anticipation and fear.

Arranged on the tray in slotted spots, stainless steel clothes pins. The tension coiled right to the point where it seems like you would go Numb, but you never quite get there.

I mound her left tit in my hand. The feel of her body against mine sending notes like a plucked violin string through me. My lip brush against her nipple and I suck her tit into my open mouth, pulling it in. I hold her flesh in place with my teeth.

Slowly, I bite down. Building pressure until I can sense the flesh will part if I press further. I release and pull back. The red indentations of my teeth circle her left tit. Marking her as mine, mine, mine.

Her eyes are a bit glazed as she basks in the pain. My glorious pain slut. I pick a clothespin and mound her right breast. I pinch skin up and place the pin gently over enough flesh so that when I remove it, she won’t tear. She gasps from the cold and her legs clench against me. She shudders out her first orgasm. Brought completely from pain. It won’t be the last.

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