Valentine’s day part 2

The thrust of our tongues stealing heat from each other. The feel of her fingers, skin and bone twined with mine. Our flesh meeting in the thrust and moan of the dawn’s cold light. Buried in her, the soft strength and velvet wet pulsing with the strength and need of our hearts. Eyes open, drinking each look, each glance, pulling us right to the edge. Each slow thrust, coursing with the need never sated though knowing of each inch seeps from our every pore. The push and pulse of orgasm, the sharp fall over the cliff, caught and cradled. The arms of my Morrigan holding me close.

I pull from her still erect, the painful need controlled by will and knowledge. I roll over, hand trailing from breast to pussy, she scootches to the edge of the bed. I stand. Naked in the cold room. Our Tara is waiting in first position. Legs folded behind her.

I twist my wrist and beckon with my hand. Pulling her forward. Her eyes take hold of mine. The soft flick of her tongue tasting Sara on me. Tara sucks me into her mouth. Greedy for attention. Each caress of her tongue, swirling around the hardness, threatens to pull my orgasm from me. Her eyes bore into me. Her need screaming from her. To be used, taken. To be debased.

An uncomfortable thought, but here in this moment, my own need wells up. To make her mine. As she desires. Humiliation. I let loose piss into her mouth. Her eyes never leave mine as she swallows it down. Slowly draining into my slave. There are tears in her eyes as she swallows it all. The release of that need spills my seed hot into her mouth. She sucks me down, milking my every last drop. Waking my hardness back up.

I hold her face and pull her off my dick. I push her down face first into the bed. No foreplay, I spread her ass and slam my wet cock into her hole. I hear her gasp and whimper. I slam in, filling her, taking what I want from her. Each thrust calling whimpers and moans. I grab her tits and crush them as I spill into her ass. I pull from her and flip her.

I point to my cock and say “Clean up your mess, little pig.”

Her tears stain her beautiful face and almost, I can’t do it. But for her…
She licks and cleans my cock. The smell of her own bowels making her gag. I press my hand to her head. Not allowing her to back her head away. After 30 seconds, I pull her off of me.

To Tara, “Wear your butt and pussy plugs. You don’t get to clean up until I’m satisfied. ”

I pull Sara up. I smile at her and say,
“Breakfast my dear?”

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