Valentine’s day-Prologue

This story will be told every other Sunday.  It is a continuation of the stories in Life’s Sensual Journeys, so if you have any interest I recommend you pick it up.


I questioned the idea of living with two women. My Sara is almost more than any person can handle. Adding Tara to the mix seemed like it would be exhausting, good exhausting, but still. It hasn’t turned out that way. Tara is the most submissive person I have ever had the privilege of being Master to. She delights in service and has set our whole household in order. When I am unable to provide enough entertainment for my deliciously demanding wife, Tara takes to the task with verve and enthusiasm.

This all rushes through my head with the rapid fire vignettes of experience. As I’m waking, culminating in the realization of just how lucky I am.

I’m in bed, sleeping on top of the covers sandwiched between the two loves of my life. Sara sleeps at my back. Arms thrown every which way, softly snoring. She puts off the body heat of a furnace. Odd for someone her size but she is a bit hyper kinetic. Just thinking of her makes me smile. Hearing her soft snorts makes me want to wake her with a kiss. If I get her going this early, I’ll need to take care of her and I’m too tired for that.

Tara is the little spoon to my big spoon. When we went to sleep she was stretched out and relaxed. Now, she is curled into a defensive ball.

My mind flashes to the mewling crying form of the complete waste of carbon who hurt her. The floor of his house slick with blood from the gut shot. The fear and hope in his eyes before I snuffed out his life.

I see my Tara curled like this and I know I did the correct thing. Some monsters must be slain. Regardless of what that makes me, at least she is free.

I reach over her still form and hit the remote to lower the temperature in the room. Sleeping between them is hot but I would want nothing else. When I brush my arm, inadvertently, against Tara she latches on to it. She snuggles back against me holding on to me like a talisman against the darkness. The flash of fierce pride washes over me. Six months ago she would have shied away.

The soft heat, vanilla, and berry scent of my wife and lover brings its own comfort.

It’s going to be a good Valentine’s day.

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