My advice

My advice for those looking for certainty where love is concerned. To those that say it’s better to be silent and pine for the possible than to speak and know the truth.

If no one speaks up, you have people never knowing that the feeling is there; they can’t know if you don’t say something. If everyone sits around mute, hoping for some sign that will never come then love no matter how passionately felt comes to nothing and love coming to nothing is a tragedy. There is always the possibility of a negative outcome. And if it turns out that way then learn from it, pick up your heart and move up, move on. There is no “the one”. This person you love now is “the one”. Because “the one” is like finding that thing you lost in the last place you looked. Of course it was in the last place, you didn’t need to keep looking. Don’t allow fear of the fallout to drive you to silence.

Goddess of my Heart, you were in the last place I looked. No need to look further.  I’ve found you.

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